Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Marble Book

This was the first book I made without someone in mind. I made my personal journal, then journals for my mother-in-law and mother, and found myself having a lot of fun making books. Heather and I combed through her bin of wonderful cloth, and a green marble pattern caught my eye. Heather loves blue, green, and any combination thereof, so a lot of my books have that influence or are purple, my favorite color.

It's hard to describe what I had in mind when I was making this book without diving into my gaming. I play a MMORPG called Guild Wars, and I have fallen in love with its world. One culture in GW is the Kurzicks, who are a mix of Japanese Kabuki  and Goth. The Kurzicks live in a petrified forest, carving houses and cathedrals out of trees. Art and religion are very important to the Kurzicks, and that's part of what inspired this book. I can picture a member of House Brauer going out into the Echovald Forest and writing poetry in this book.

 I think I conveyed the outdoor inspiration for this book in the photography, but I'll let you be the judge:

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